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Check a credit cards numbers with our online checker valid credit card number !

Do you want to validate a credit card? Our validator tool will help you check if the card is valid or not. We do not store credit card numbers, this tool helps only to check validation. Never provide your CC information (numbers and CVV code) for anyone, they might try to trick and stole your money.

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  • 4716718003943986
  • 4716718003943986
  • 4716718003943986
  • 4716718003943986
  • 4716718003943986


  • 6011028538785572
  • 6011028538785572
  • 6011028538785572
  • 6011028538785572
  • 6011028538785572


  • 5156398345836174
  • 5156398345836174
  • 5156398345836174
  • 5156398345836174
  • 5156398345836174


  • 4716718003943986
  • 4716718003943986
  • 4716718003943986
  • 4716718003943986
  • 4716718003943986


  • 370055383130909
  • 370055383130909
  • 370055383130909
  • 370055383130909
  • 370055383130909


Luhn Algorithm Check

We'll check your numbers against the Luhn Algorithm to see if it is a valid credit cards numbers by credit cards validator .

Major Industry Identifier

The first digit of credit cards numbers represent the category of entity which issued the card.

Issuer identification number

The first six digits of a cards numbers identify the institution that issued the cards to the card holder.

Personal Account Number

Digits 7 to final numbers minus 1 (the last is the checksum) indicate the individual account identifier.

We do not ask you to provide a CVV code. For validation, the only requirement is credit card number, so the process is completely safe. Thousands of people every uses our validator tool and are happy about results.
There are two most popular and most effective ways to check the credit card Luhn Algorithm method and Bin Number Checker method.

Luhn Algorithm

This algorithm uses the checksum formula to validate a credit card. Luhn algorithm was created by Hans Peter Luhn in 1954, who was a computer nerd a long time ago. This method was developed to protect against mistyping errors. You can use this method to check the CC.

Bin Number Checker

If you take a look at your credit or debit card, you will see six digit number, which is called the Bank Identification Number or Issuer identification number (IIN) and it is part of ISO/IEC 7812. These digits reflect the location of the bank. BIN provide an important information for e-commerce owners because it gives an opportunity to detect the geographical location where card owner is located.

Validator tool

Credit Card Number Validator tool is totally free to use. It was developed base on up to date BIN database and mathematical formulas. We would be very happy if you give a credit linking to your website if you use our checker.

Credit Card Checker tool support all popular Credit Card and Debit Cards types like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the Validation Processed?

We check for the following:

  • First Digit - Major Industry Identifier
  • Six Digit - Issuer identification number
  • Seven Digit - Personal Account Number and Checksum

How Modulus 10 or Mod 10 is Performed on Generating a Valid Credit Cards?

The Luhn formula or Luhn algorithm , also known as the "mod 10" or "Modulus 10" algorithm, is a simple checksum formula used to validate a variety of identification number, such as credit cards numbers, IMEI numbers, National Provider Identifier numbers in the Usa , Canadian Social Insurance Numbers, Israel ID Numbers & Greek Social Security Numbers (ΑΜΚΑ). It was created by IBM scientist Hans Peter Luhn and described in U.S. Patent No. 2,950,048, filed on January 6, 1954, & granted on August 23, 1960. [source:wikipedia]

Assume an example of an account number "7992739871" that will have a check digit added, making it of the form 7992739871xx:

luhn algorithm

The sum of all the digits in the third row is 67+x.

The check digit (x) is obtained by computing the sum of the non-check digits then computing 9 times that value mod 10 (in equation form, ((67 × 9) mod 10)). In algorithm form:

  1. Compute the sum of the non-check digits (67).
  2. Multiply by 9 (603).
  3. The units digit (3) is the check digit. Thus, x=3.

(Alternative method) The check digit (x) is obtained by computing the sum of the other digits (third row) then subtracting the units digit from 10 (67 => Units digit 7; 10 − 7 = check digit 3). In algorithm form:

  1. Compute the sum of the non-check digits (67).
  2. Take the units digit (7).
  3. Subtract the units digit from 10.
  4. The result (3) is the check digit. In case the sum of digit ends in 0 then 0 is the check digit.

This makes the full account numbers read 79927398713.

Do we store these credit cards numbers?

Absolutely not! Credit cards numbers entered on our credit card checker undergone process using validating rules. However, we do not store these credit card in valid credit card for security purposes.

Is this online checker tools safe to use?

Yes! Our credit card validator only checks the Major Industry Identifier or MII, the Personal Accounts Numbers and Issuer Identification Number. You can reads the detailed table for MII Below.

MII Digit Category
0 ISO/TC 68 & other industry assignments
1 Airlines
2 Airlines, financial & other future industry assignments
3 Travel & entertainment
4 Banking & financial
5 Banking & financial
6 Merchandising & banking/financial
7 Petroleum & other future industry assignments
8 Healthcare, telecommunications & other future industry assignments
9 For assignment by national standards bodies

Using the table you assumed that Visa which starts with number 4 belongs to Banking & financial as well as MasterCard which is prefixed with numbers 5.

  • 4 for Visa - Banking and financial
  • 5 for MasterCard - Banking and financial
  • 3 for Discover Card - Travel and entertainment

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